Lowering your carbon footprint

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

What you can do today to help the planet and your health

As an environmental consultant I am often get asked if there is anything someone can do to lower their carbon footprint, without forking out large sums of their hard earned money on expensive systems. The good news is that there are many ways to lower your cabon footprint and have a healthier lifestyle.

“ Everyone knows the link between the environment and their own health." - Ma Jun

Purchase Local Produce

Transportation of food and water has a significant impact on the earth. In general, national produce is transported many miles across the country. This does not consider items imported from different nations. You can lessen your carbon footprint by purchasing in your area from local markets or private companies. In this way you will be helping the environment as well as local buisnesses.

Begin Cycling and Walking

There is no compelling reason to drive a vehicle for half a kilometer to buy junk food. Put some money into a decent bicycle to go to places nearer to your home or work. This is a decent method to work out, get some fresh air and help meet your environmental goals.

Research your Appliances

Lower your energy consumption by looking into your appliences, like washing machines, dryers and stoves. This will help reduce your electricity costs every month, as well as your carbon footprint. Talk with your applience retailers and research them to make correct choices on long term costs, not short term costs.

Reuse Everything

Reusing may appear to be dreary at first yet taking an additional couple of moments has an immense effect on the earth. Set up two canisters, one for garbage and one for reusing. Sort out your kitchen to make it simple. Make sure to check the reusing gauges for your locale.

Put Resources into an Effective Air Conditioning Framework

Cooling frameworks utilize a great deal of electricity in the standard home. Know about what your air conditioning framework brings to the table. Obtaining an energy efficient air conditioning framework will help lessen your electricity bill while lowering your carbon footprint.

Decreasing your carbon footprint can appear to be a test. Set yourself up for progress by booking our environmental consultation services on the services page, visit or call today.

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