A Cause to AIM for

The company’s goal is to aim towards a better future.

A more sustainable future, using the right materials and people in order to achieve it. The greatest change one can make in the world starts from themselves. We have various dedicated services, helping the Environmentalists of the future achieve their goals.

We also install, manage and help create the new environmentally friendly spaces of the future, with organic farming, permaculture, self sourced water and renewable forms of power generation, power usage mitigation and waste management. This is to help the families caring for the children of the future, to live a concience free lifestyle, aiming ever forwards.

This is all possible due to a very helpfull and passionate group of educated, young people, my friends, family, and ofcouse all of our loving followers and customers. It is you that drives this new movement.


Thank you ever so much,

Antony John Mouzas

Director of A.I.M. LTD

  • BSc Geography

  • MS Sustainable Energy Systems


13 Pigasou, Agious Omologites, Nicosia

1087, Cyprus


Tel: 70088388

Fax: 22311136


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